Thursday, September 13, 2012


Made this hat to teach my sister to knit in the round. Really fast and easy chunky hat. Learning is so much more fun when there’s a sweet hat as the reward!

1 skein (100g) Bernat Roving (I used the color 'Rice Paper' for mine)
US 19 circular needles

Long tail CO 32. Join, being careful not to twist.
Row 1: (P1, K1) Repeat until end of row, add row marker.
Repeat this row until hat measures 7.5 inches (20cm)

Row 1: (K2tog) Repeat until end of row
Row 2: Knit to end of row
Row 3 (K2tog) Repeat until end of row

Cut off long tail of yarn and thread through remaining 8 stitches. Pull and fasten to bind off.

Add pom pom and you're done!

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